The 23 Best BBQ Dishes in Dallas–Fort Worth

The 23 Best BBQ Dishes in Dallas–Fort Worth

No matter how you slice it, Dallas has the best barbecue in the United States. Period. From BBQ institutions that have been in the city for decades to the latest in both high-end and hole-in-the-wall joints, here’s a barbecue bucket list of what to eat at the 23 best BBQ stops in Dallas–Fort Worth.

Sweet and smoky salmon at D.W.P. Grill M.D.
Doug Pickering has made a name for himself as head pitmaster and “Grill M.D.” at a variety of restaurants, but with 72 hours notice, you can have his award-winning barbecue prepared for pickup or delivery. This seafood dish is of his most popular sellers: Bay of Fundy salmon from TJ’s Seafood Market that’s fast-smoked and maple-glazed.



Sweet and smoky salmon



  • Fresh salmon filet (assume 6-8oz per person)
  • 1 cup grade a maple syrup
  • 1 cedar plank or more depending on quantity of salmon
  • salt and pepper to taste or your favorite bbq rub
  • ½ stick of butter
  • 2-3 cups of teriyaki marinade (veri Teri recommended)
  • 1 meat thermometer



  • submerge salmon filet in teriyaki marinade and place in fridge for 2 hours.
  • set big green egg to 325 degrees using indirect If using direct heat the cedar planks must be soaked in water for 1 hour prior to cook.
  • Pull salmon from marinade and season with salt and pepper or your favorite bbq rub.
  • Place on plank and then onto smoker/grill.
  • 15 mins into the cook melt the butter and whisk in the maple syrup.
  • When salmon reaches 105 internal pour the maple/butter mixture on top of filet.
  • Once salmon reaches 125 internal pull of smoker and let rest 10 mins before serving.

You Can buy Marinade Here

I recommend these cedar planks


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