BBQ School

DWP BBQ School

Over the past few years DWP has taught over 1000 people the tricks and trade of mastering BBQ skills at home. We have covered a substantial amount of topics that people have found to be very helpful. The Golden Rule of BBQ is that there is no exact method/procedure to follow. That is time and temp.  BBQ is not like baking cakes. Every species and cut of meat is different. For example- when it comes to brisket, every cow walks and eats differently. The muscle structure can vary substantially from cow to cow. With our school we teach our methods that have taken years to learn. Due to our current project work load, we have decided to put school on hold but have tentative plans in offering online courses with videos, recipes, etc. Below you will see some topics covered in the class, along with some DWP cooking methods for Brisket and Ribs.

Smoker management– from properly cooking on a Kamado Grills, Gas Grills, pellet smokers, and traditional offset smokers. We find that the one of the more important aspects of creating great BBQ is learning your equipment. Knowing how to best operate a smoker is mandatory for success on the dinner table.

Meat Prep/Cooking


Always remove the membrane before seasoning. Use a dull butter knife and slide it between the membrane and the bone on one end. Once you get under the membrane, use a paper towel to grab onto the membrane and pull the membrane off towards the opposite end of the rack. Remember that some membranes may be more difficult to remove.Ribs only need to marinate for an hour before cooking. Overnight marinade is not necessary.

Brisket Prep-

When buying a brisket, always make sure you get a packer cut and its choice grade or higher. Select brisket is for people that use slow cookers to make pot roast, etc. Before prepping always remove brisket from the fridge right before you plan to trim as its easier to trim when cold.  Be sure to trim off bottom hunk of fat and trim the top fat cap down to a quarter inch think and of course don’t forget to remove the deckle with your prep knife.  After your brisket is trimmed/rubbed, place in fridge and let marinate for at least 6-12 hours in the fridge uncovered. This allows for the pellicle to form that will help with your smoke ring. Remember the pellicle formation will look like a glaze over the top of you brisket.

Poultry- The importance of brining, and creating that dry rub that fits the flavor profile you desire.

Fish- Fish might be the most intimidating piece of meat for anyone to cook. We have taught at local fish markets and covered topics from salmon and halibut, to grilling oysters. You can find our Sweet and Smoky Salmon Recipe posted on this site!


Below you will see some cooking tools we highly reccomend and use on a daily basis.



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