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The Smoke Ring- DWP BBQ Style

Definition: In the world of barbecue the smoke ring is one of the most sought after properties of smoked meats. It is believed to show that you have done a good job and properly low and slow smoked the meat in question. Is particularly prized in Brisket.  So what is it? A smoke ring is... {...}

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Find yourself a list of the best BBQ spots in and around Dallas and you’re likely to notice some usual suspects popping up again and again — your Pecan Lodge, your Lockhart Smokehouse, your Longoria’s — and rightly so, they all make some damn delicious smoked meat. But this is Texas, and there is LOTS of face-meltingly good... {...}

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The Reverse Sear Method

The Reverse Sear Method Over the years I have noticed that one of the newer trends in BBQ is the reverse sear process. The technical definition of reverse sear is that the Searing of the product takes place at the end of the cooking process not at the beginning. Typically, a Reverse Sear is considered... {...}

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Omni Hotel Dallas to celebrate Pegasus lighting on Wednesday afternoon with free BBQ from DWP

Omni Hotel Dallas to celebrate Pegasus lighting on Wednesday afternoon with free BBQ from Doug Pickering’s DWP, snacks from Herrera’s, Little Katana, Coal Vines, and the Biergarten Stop by Omni Hotel Dallas this Wednesday, May 27, from 5 p.m. until 8 p.m. to celebrate the lighting of the original neon Pegasus that graced downtown’s sky... {...}

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Urban Daddy | Your Very Own BBQ Coach

License to Grill Your Very Own Barbecue Coach This summer, you’re going back to school. But don’t worry, there’s brisket. Learn something useful at BBQ School with the Grill MD, a chance to further your education on the noble subject of smoked meat, now accepting students for private classes. Doug Pickering. That’s the meat-obsessed gentleman... {...}

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